Bien-Zenker & Hanse Haus

Bien-Zenker and Hanse Haus are leading German manufacturers of prefabricated houses.

Bien-Zenker and Hanse Haus design, manufacture, sell and construct (prefabricated) prefab houses in Germany, as well as Switzerland and the UK.

Bien-Zenker was founded over 100 years ago and has established itself as one of the market’s leading and most well-known producers of prefab houses in Germany. The Bien-Zenker brand is aimed at the mid-price range and approximately 30% of the houses it produces are turnkey solutions. A third brand, Living Haus, has recently been introduced to attract customers seeking a price-sensitive alternative, while at the same time maintaining core standards.

Founded in 1929, Hanse Haus was one of Germany's pioneers in the construction of prefab turnkey houses, having grown from a small carpentry business into a manufacturer of high-quality housing solutions, targeting customers in the mid- to premium- price range.

As a result, the combined business is able to offer prefab houses at all levels of completion from a shell to a turnkey house.

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Investment Date

Jan 2018



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Revenue at ACQ.

€310m *

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Secondary MBO

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